b Hallmarking & Fulfilment

The Challenge

If you are sourcing or manufacturing product from outside Europe and you want to supply direct to EU customers, getting product hallmarked to meet UK and/or EU legal requirements can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Often, the only solution is to have a stock holding and/or a registered office in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.

The expense of setting this up can often be prohibitive and can make logistics both complex and time consuming.

The Solution

Edinburgh Assay Office has developed a system which will allow you to ship a single order or a group of orders directly to us. After hallmarking the grouped orders, we will deliver each individual order directly to your end customer.

Stock holding, pick & pack and fulfilment requirements can be catered for, as can returns and repairs. Consignments can be individually tracked online. We also offer software systems integration for seamless updates to your own ecommerce order or stock systems.

Combine hallmarking and direct distribution for a one stop logistics and compliance solution direct to your customers

European Solution

Pay as you go distribution with no need for infrastructure or upfront investment.

Integrated Systems

Integrate your stock systems or ecommerce platforms for seamless progress updates.

Just in Time

Fast and effective direct import for bespoke or special orders.

Stock Holding & Packaging

Popular lines can be held in stock along with retail packaging for fast delivery.

Returns & Alterations

Fast and effective returns & alterations service available.

Display our ecommerce trust mark

Increase consumer confidence by displaying our online trustmark, Assay Assured.

How it Works

Hallmarking and Fulfilment Process